Webtask listing

List all the named webtasks in your webtask container

List named webtasks

Over time, it is easy to lose track of all of your named webtasks. This API gives you an easy way to page through them.

Webtask listing API

HTTPS GET /api/webtask/{webtask_container}?{offset}&{limit}&meta={key1}:{value1}&meta={key2}:{value2}&...

The request must be authenticated by specifying the A1 webtask token as the key URL query parameter or with the Authorization HTTP request header as described above. You can also add the following query parameters to paginate through your named webtasks:


Pass in number of records to skip. Defaults to 0.


Pass in maximum number of records to return. Defaults to 100.


When you list webtasks you can filter of the list given one or more metadata key/value pairs. If more that one key/value pair is specified, only items that contain all of the metadata properties are returned. The items in the JSON array returned from these APIs will contain the the meta property with all metadata key/value pairs, not only the ones that were specified in the filter.


Successful requests to list webtasks will respond with a JSON array of objects having the following properties:


The container in which the created webtask will run.


The name of the created webtask. This corresponds to the jtn claim in the token.


The webtask token representing this named webtask.


The list of metadata (key/value pairs) defined for a webtask. In the absence of metadata the meta property will be undefined.